Predator Next Door – The End…


I spent the morning on websites, researching sexual predators of children and the way they operate.

And it was eye-opening.  I knew nothing.  I would have never guessed, never seen it and never suspected if the stars hadn’t aligned that night.

And my husband spent the day reading websites and came home and said, “We’re going over to talk to them and tell them that we no longer want any contact with them.”

And that’s exactly what we did.  We had my trusted friend from Book Club over to play with my Beach Rose, while we went over to Jim & Sarah’s house and told them that Jim’s behavior had made my husband, myself and my Baby uncomfortable.  That after reading and speaking to various agencies, we saw red flags all over this relationship and we no longer wanted any contact with them.  Sarah looked shocked and asked, “Is this about the dog bite?”  And Jim, who didn’t look surprised at all during the entire conversation, who wouldn’t look at us, shot his hand out to stop her and yelled, “Sarah!” But I said, “No, Sarah.  This is about the inappropriate way Jim touched My Baby.  Boundaries have been crossed that are non-negotiable.  Stay away from our family.”

And that was that.

Sarah tried to reach out via text saying that she thought it was a tragic misunderstanding and that they both had to have criminal background checks to work at school.

I wanted to reply, “So did Jerry Sandusky.”  I wanted to.  But I didn’t.  I just blocked her contact on my phone so that I would never have to hear from her again.

And we’re getting a fence.  A big one.  Because really, fences really do make the best neighbors.

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