I miss the Easel in the Kitchen…Just Sayin’



You can’t see my entire kitchen in this picture.  Which I used to think was a good thing, because my kitchen is in a constant state of upheaval.

I have been quite shy and embarrassed to give people a tour of my house because of the trail of kid detritus in every room.

Until now…

I’m here to tell you to stand up straight, put your chin up and proudly showcase your home in all its messy glory.  Make certain to point out the loose crayons rolling around on the floor, the glitter sparkling in the cracks, the piles of knocked over books, the doll clothes, play kitchen food, lonely sock tucked in the couch cushion, headband on the table, scraps of food under the table, permanent marker doodles on your expensive office furniture and ‘la pièce de résistance’, the easel, smack dab in the middle of your kitchen.

My wise-owl friend (she’s about 10 yrs older than I am and is an expert on life and advice) came to my home for the first time and I was none too eager to show her around.  She came into my kitchen first, paused and finally said to me, “I miss the easel in the kitchen…just sayin'”

Embrace the crazy, the messy, the demands, the hectic schedule, the endless stream of artwork, the little life (lives) that has taken over yours.

It’s bliss.

It lasts for a split second of time.

And then you’ll be missing the easel in your kitchen…