I started compiling little bits of advice for future use to my 10 month old on Sept 5, 2012. “For My Angel at 10 Months Old…”
I know, I know. So sappy. But

I had her late in life & may not be around to see her through it all
There WILL come a time when we won’t like each other & she won’t be interested in anything I have to say
I want to try to protect her from as much of life’s embarrassments, hardships, pains & any discomforts I can possibly alleviate
Rather than continue to try to locate the little scraps of paper with my pearls of wisdom which are randomly scattered all over the house, and rewrite them into some sort of cohesive journal, I thought I’d start a blog. My hopes are that I can gather my thoughts, family recipes from generations of French chefs, and book reviews from a family of avid readers, in a somewhat organized fashion & accumulate even more sage advice from you out there than what I have to offer. And maybe someday my beach rose will read it too!

Side Note: If it had been up to me, I would have named my little girl Rosa Rugosa, my beach rose. Knowing that she’d be born and raised in a small town on the beach, and bringing such beauty to my life, it seemed apropos. But I think my husband would have preferred Wonder Woman to that name, so THAT didn’t happen! But this is MY blog and I can name her whatever I want, so she is hereby dubbed “my beach rose” …

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