Secure Your Featherbed-Finally!


I am not afraid to admit that it has taken me about 5 years to come up with a solution as to how to secure my featherbed to my mattress.

But let me save you the trouble of trial and error!

So, I have this luxurious White Goose Feather & Down featherbed that is just heaven to sleep on.  It isn’t too soft so that you feel as though you are sunken into the bed while you sleep and it isn’t too hard so that you feel stiff in the morning.  It is just right.

Except for the fact that it will not stay still!

I have tried and failed, umpteen times, to get this ridiculous bedding to stay put on my mattress and not slide around while we’re tossing and turning at night.  It always slides out under the fitted sheet, so that your head ends up directly on the mattress about 3 inches lower than your body.  Rather irritating!

I read up on possible solutions to my problems and have bought and tried probably all of them, to no avail:

  • cover with a mattress protector first and then your fitted sheet
  • use comforter clips to secure at 4 corners of bed
  • snap strips
  • duvet donuts
  • non slip mats
  • extra deep pockets on sheets
  • sheet straps
  • safety pins! (What was I thinking listening to this advice?!)


Um, hello!  Of course they’re going to pop open with all of the shifting that goes on in a bed and end up scratching or spearing someone unsuspecting…

No. No. No.  Don’t even bother…you’ll just get frustrated and want to throw the featherbed, mattress, boxspring and bed out the window!

This is such an easy answer and absolutely foolproof.

Sew it onto the mattress!

Yup.  Sew it.  And you don’t need to know how to sew to do this…you’re basically just making a double knot with embroidery thread!


You’ll need an embroidery needle (or any needle you have with a large “eye”.  Costs about $0.49.  And some embroidery thread.  Nothing fancy.  Whatever you’ve got lying around is fine.  You don’t need much…maybe 3 feet of it.

Pass it through the eye of the needle and bring the short end all the way down to meet the long end.  you are essentially going to “double up” your thread.  Make a knot.


Line up the edge of your featherbed with the edge of your mattress.  There should be a “lip” on both.  The “lip” shows the actually seam and you’ll see stitching there. (You can see the “lip” on the mattress; it’s gray in color.)


Stick your needle under the lip of the featherbed and through the lip of the mattress.


Then repeat.


Then tie a double knot in the back.


And that’s it!  Repeat down the line of your featherbed, as often as you’d like.  I think I spaced mine out at about 9 inches apart.


No more creeping down the bed and ending up with sagging sheets off the bottom of the bed!

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