Nail Files Everywhere You Look


Take it from me, you need one of these everywhere!

My Dad has always said that you can tell a lot about a woman from the upkeep of her fingernails.  Who made him the expert, I don’t know!  But it’s always stuck with me…

Meaning that if you’ve got ragged edges and uneven nails, you may not make it as a hand model anytime soon!

I am not promoting that anyone should make that their primary focus.  I am just promoting the look of well-kept fingernails.

And this can be extremely simple, no matter how busy you are!

As long as you have them filed, evenly, it will look as though you care.

Since most of us with kids, homes, jobs, hubbies, hobbies, etc don’t have nail maintenance at the top of their list of priorities, a little reminder here and there is much needed.

Buy nail files in bulk.  At least 3 in a package.  And start scattering them around where you’re bound to run into them or at least know where to look in those cases of the “emergency nail break”!

  • By your bedside table.
  • In the console of your car.  (In the console of your husband’s car.)
  • In the glove compartment of your car. (In his glove compartment, too.  Don’t worry he won’t mind…)
  • In your purse.
  • In the bathroom.
  • In the drawer of the coffee table.
  • In the misc. drawer you know you have in the kitchen!
  • In the garage.

You never know when your nail may break and God-forbid you run into the President of the United States and have to shake hands with him…What kind of woman would he deem you with that raggedy nail?!


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