Don’t Get the Boy Baby


All last year my little Beach Rose would play with her dollies and her babies and at random would point at one of them and say to me, “her is a boy baby”.  Then she would go about calling her little “boy baby” her son.  Any of her girl babies could at any time lose their gender identity and become her newest “son”.

And my Beach Rose would play for hours with her boy and girl babies, talking about the different anatomy and how the boy babies liked to play with the trucks and the girl babies liked to play with their dollies.

Then for Christmas this year, I got the brilliant idea of telling my sister that my Beach Rose would loooooove to get a “real” boy baby doll.

They really do make them and they’re adorable and look completely different than the girl baby, even without clothes on.  (Not in that way…get your mind out of the gutter!)  They kind of have the protruding forehead look and a broader nose base.  And, of course, they have boy clothes.

Well, it was love at first sight.  He was immediately named Jonathon and introduced to all the other girl babies and treated like royalty…

and then all of a sudden he was being dressed in girl clothes.  And buried under piles of blankets and forgotten about for months.

I recently unearthed Jonathon and when I asked my Beach Rose why she wasn’t playing with him any more, she replied “I don’t really like Jonathon.  He’s not my favorite.”  When I asked why, she answered “Because I don’t really like boy babies.  I only like girl babies and pretend boy babies.”

Imagination is so much better than the real thing, sometimes.

Don’t get the boy baby.  It’s unnecessary.

She’d much prefer to pretend her girl babies are experiencing a gender identity dilemma!


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