Spoil Your Little Sweeties, too!


Goodness am I ever excited for my Beach Rose to wake up in the morning and notice this crazy Valentine’s “treat wreath”!

So, maybe we’re nuts to do this, but we make a big deal out of all the holidays in my house.  I mean we break out the construction paper, the flour and the butter, the ribbons and really do it up!

And although Valentine’s Day is mainly for your big Sweetie, involving your little Sweetie in the hoopla in the days before it makes it thrilling.


We make “crafts”(Nothing too complicated.  Usually something with scissors, a glue stick and some paper!) and sweet treats and get presents for Daddy…


We decorate our house and some sort of baked good and usually the table and the floor in the process!

And I have to tell you that making a big deal makes EVERY holiday that much more exciting for us parents.  We get giddy talking about what type of surprise to leave for our Beach Rose and how excited she’ll be and all of a sudden, every moment in your life is magical again!

So, this Valentine’s Day, spoil your little Sweetie(s) along with your big Sweetie.  And feel the excitement and joy and love surround your beautiful home.

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