Tom Brady plays for the Bruins, right?

It’s time to stand up for all us nerdy folks out there who are completely in the dark when it comes to sports!

But really, who cares if you don’t know your “you-know-what” from your elbow when it comes to sports?

I know, I know…

I’m just sayin…

Nowadays, sports play such a huge part in an American’s life.  There’s the age old rivalry of the Red Sox v the Yankees, the SuperBowl, the Stanley Cup, etc,etc.  The players, the games, the rivalries, the stats, the betting and all the fantasy leagues, etc.

Ooooo….the stigma that comes along with not knowing your players, the game and some relative stats…yikes!  You’d think you were personally offending someone when you tripped up your info about which player is on what team!

What do you mean you don’t know who plays Quarterback for New England?!  You’ve never heard of Johnny Damon?!  No, Zdeno Chára does not play tennis…

But really, what’s the big deal?  Sure, it’s nice to know a lot about sports for conversation’s sake at a SuperBowl party, maybe.  Or perhaps for a trivia game?

“But this is America’s favorite pastime!”

At the end of the day, don’t feel badly if you aren’t interested in sports; the games, the players, the buzz.

It’s ok to be in the dark about this stuff.  It’s ok to talk books at the next SuperBowl party you’re invited to.  It’s ok to just skim the news for enough info about the season to get away with a brief conversation with friends and family who are obsessed with it.

Now, don’t turn down SuperBowl party invites because you feel ignorant of the game.  Don’t worry.  You’ll find that other bookworm in the corner trying hard not to get involved in a conversation about sports!

And by all means, go to live sports games.  Even if you know nothing of the sport being played, its rules, the players, etc.  They are so much fun to be a part of.  The enthusiasm, the crowds, the food, etc.

And you can always “fake it”!  Cheat!  Read up on the latest game played and its outcome.  Watch the highlights on the news or listen to the radio for updates.  That way you can participate intelligently in the next sports discussion, but not be fully committed to the time it must take to be a full-on fan!

Here are a couple of cheat-sheet websites for all the sports info you could ever need or want

Sports Overview

Top Stories in Sports



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