It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…


So, today is my birthday and I’ll cry if I wanna…

Why?  Well, it’s not really that exciting to have a birthday after the age of 21, is it?  You always hear ‘another year older, another year wiser’, but really, who cares about that?  There’s just not that much to celebrate.

But, do you remember birthdays when you were young?! 

The anticipation of the day….the countdown starting months before your actual birthday.

The feeling when you woke up that day that it was YOUR day.  That you were the special one and that everyone was excited for you and that the excitement would just be mounting throughout the day.  (Followed by a meltdown of monumental proportions, no doubt!)

Maybe your birthday was all about a special dinner with your family, a cake and some presents.

Maybe you were one of the really lucky little kids who had a special birthday party with their friends over.  And there were games and maybe a pinata and even more presents because so many people were there, just for you.

And of course, maybe you were one of the luckiest kids whose parents hosted it at Chuck-E-Cheese or an arcade, with all of your friends.

Whichever type of birthday you had you loved it, reveled in your day and never wanted it to end…

And you were always looking forward to your next birthday.  Because when you’re young each of them is a milestone birthday.

  • When I turn 4 I get to sleep in a big-girl bed.
  • When I turn 6 the toothfairy might come.
  • When I turn 8 I might be able to get earrings, because my cousin got them when she was 8.
  • When I turn 10, I’ll be big enough to stay up and have pizza/movie night with my parents.
  • Can’t wait till I’m a teenager
  • 2 more years and I can get my driver’s permit.
  • 18 and officially an adult and outta the house.

…All the way up to the day you turned 21.

And then, there weren’t really any more reasons left out there for being happy to turn another year older.

and yet

A birthday is so much more than that day, every year, when you become older.  It’s about celebrating the fact that you, on this particular date, made a grand entrance into this world.  And that this grand entrance has made its mark on others.

It’s all about making the birthday girl/boy (woman/man) feel special on their special day.

Go out of your way to say “Happy Birthday” to someone when you remember that it is.  If it’s been a while since you’ve chatted with them, send them a text, or an email.  It feels soooo great to know that other people are thinking of you and that they are happy to celebrate the day you were born because they find you a valuable part of their lives.

(See Birthday Reminders to learn how to set birthdays on your cell phone calendar!)

It doesn’t matter what age you are.  It feels great to have someone make a big deal out of you and sing “Happy Birthday”.  It’ll make you smile to get a bunch of texts and emails from friends and neighbors and family telling you to enjoy your big day.  And I bet you still hold  your breath while going to check the mail, in hopes that someone thoughtful may have sent you a card telling you how much they care.

Reach out to the others on their birthdays.  Make them feel special.  And then you, too, shall see how wonderful it feels to be appreciated on yours.

You’ll be too busy feeling good from all the love to really think about and get bummed about getting another year older…

You won’t be crying at your Birthday!


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