No more tears – Onions in the Kitchen


Here’s another one of life’s little bothers that I’ve lived with forever, tried a million and one ways to eradicate and finally just threw my hands up in the air in defeat.

Crying when you chop onions.  Or shallots, especially shallots!  Or scallions.  Or leeks.  Most anyone from the onion family reduces you to tears when you slice into them.

It’s not just the crying and the running mascara that’s a pain in the you-know-what.  It’s the persistent stinging and cloudy film over my eyes that makes me crazy.

I’ve tried all sorts of “home remedies” over the years, all to no avail.

  • Clench a wooden matchstick in between your front teeth while you’re chopping the onion.  – This not only made my eyes water, but my mouth too!  I spent the entire time I was chopping the onion with drool cascading down my chin onto the floor.
  • Light a candle before chopping. – Did nothing.
  • Hold your tongue up to the roof of your mouth while chopping. – Tongue fatigue along with the weeping.
  • While chewing gum. – Not only do you still cry, but now you’re mouth tastes like a combination of fresh mint and onion….so gross…
  • Freeze the onion first.  – Well, first of all, you have to remember to freeze the onion before you chop it.  Or freeze all of them.  But then you compromise the flavor, texture and intensity of flavor and good luck peeling a frozen onion!
  • Cut under running water. – Quite a pain in the neck. Slippery onion, pieces washed down the drain, not sustainable!
  • Etc, etc, etc……


The answer???????????


ONION GOGGLES!  The most phenomenal kitchen tool that you shouldn’t live without.

I don’t care who comes over for dinner, my boss, the President, the Pope, when it’s time for me to chop up those shallots I proudly sport these, looking like a dork for a few minutes and yet preserving my perfectly made-up eyes for the evening.

I bought some for my Mom and my 2 sisters.  Unfortunately, my Mom wears glasses and couldn’t use them, as they don’t fit over glasses.  They should really make prescription ones!

However, as it turns out, wearing contacts acts like the barrier between the chemical irritant released by the cut onion and your eyes.  So, it’s worth it for my Mom to put in her contacts before she starts cooking.

If you don’t have a need for contacts however, and would like to avoid any eye burning in the future, get your hands on a pair of these.

If you weren’t sure just how much you loved me before, you will be serenading me with your love songs after you try these out!



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