What’s green & lumpy?…

and tastes really yummy?

Here’s a hint…

It starts with these 2 tools, a bowl and this ultra- yummy fruit ( tempting to call it a veggie because it’s green & savory, but it is technically a fruit and specifically a single-seeded berry)…


Any guesses?

Well, this is my interpretation on the greatest guacamole you’ll ever taste. Although, I cannot take the credit for its deliciousness.  My time spent in Laredo, Texas with my Mexican friends has taught me a thing or two about their delightful cuisine…

#1 Lesson learned about making guacamole: The avocado is the star of the show.  Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!  Don’t mask it’s flavor with too much of any other ingredient: salt, lime, tomato, onion, whatever else you decide to mix with it.

#2 Lesson learned about making guacamole: Don’t mix it with too much else! Simple is best.  The ingredients below make the perfect one; the one I relished during my visits “across” the border when I lived in Southern Texas. Plus salt!


Ok, here it is…my secret recipe…

Take 1-2 avocados, tear into them with this absolutely necessary avocado knife. It removes the pit, and scoops out all the meat.  Then you start “chopping/mashing” with it.  See, you need it!

Zyliss Avocado Tool – It’s only about $6.99!

Once you’ve reached your desired consistency, I like mine a bit chunky, you add about a tablespoon of milk.  The lactic acid in the milk helps delay the oxidation of the avocado, the process of the mouth-watering green guacamole you can’t get enough of turning an unappetizing brown.

Then chop up about a tablespoonful and a half of red or white onion.  Important step: Rinse chopped onion under cold water to remove some of the sting & smell associated with eating a raw onion.  Your guests will thank you for it & your husband will too when you go to kiss him goodnight!


Then blot the onions dry.  Add about a tablespoon and a half of chopped fresh cilantro (Yum!).  Reservedly squeeze in about 1/2 of a slice of lime. (Don’t add more than this because the lime juice will overpower the avocado.)  Add salt to taste; again, not too much because the tortilla chips will be plenty salty.

And serve!  Pronto!

Note:  The milk will retard the browning process for only so long, so if you see that there may be some guacamole left over (doubt it!), push plastic wrap right down onto its surface in the tupperware, seal it up and put it in the fridge to enjoy later!

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