Who’s Someone?

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.57.15 PM

That’s the question I asked myself at the end of this book.  Who is Someone?

And my next question was, who cares?!

I wanted to like this book.  I had many reasons to…

A) My husband gave it to me for Christmas (Awww…).
B) It was a finalist for the National Book Award (should be a good story).
C) This author receives so many accolades, awards and is so well reputed in the literary world (even though I didn’t much like another of McDermott’s books, Charming Billy, I’m certain this one will be different).

But, I felt nothing for the book…neither liked it nor disliked it. It was forgettable;  just like the title, just like the book’s cover. Nothing stood out. I didn’t hate any characters or love them. I didn’t care either which way.

And at the end, I just kind of sat there, disappointed.  I tried to reflect on what I’d just read and the plot and the protagonist and it all kind of seemed blurry to me; as though I had read the entire thing while distracted and couldn’t bring to mind its significance. And then I decided to ponder the title to see if it may tie everything together or present a great reveal that I had somehow missed while reading the 232 pages.

Nope, I didn’t miss anything that I know of.

More importantly, if I did miss a clue as to who “Someone” is, it just doesn’t really matter to me!

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