Snail Mail


I go days without walking to my mailbox and getting the mail.  Isn’t that odd?  But I’m sure that I’m not the only one….there are probably hundreds of thousands of mailboxes in the United States that feel abandoned and lonely multiple times throughout the week!

I only get bills in the mail, and since they all also come to me first via text alerts and emails, what is the rush?

I blame the forlorn American mailbox on the lost art of letter writing.  It is so rare to see a handwritten version of your name on an envelope nowadays.  And I’ve been fooled with a rush of excitement by those crafty marketing ploys that stamp a “handwritten” name & address on their advertisement stuffed parcels.  Nice try!

Write a note.  Start with a note, at least.  Slide it into an envelope, stick a stamp on it and make someone’s day.  It feels as though someone really appreciates you when you receive a handwritten message from them through the mail!

Thank you notes are the perfect way to express thoughtfulness.  Don’t send a thank you text or email.  This is not as personal as praise communicated by post!  Thank the hostess who had you over for the weekend, for a party, for dinner.  Thank the gift giver.  Take the time to do this by hand.  It is so much more respectful and your gratitude will be properly presented and recognized.

Snail mail is underrated these days and yet I know that I am not alone when I admit that when I finally do drag myself to grab the mail, I am secretly hoping that there’s an envelope with my name on it in handwriting that I recognize…

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