Desitin – Relief for the Whole Family!

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 8.03.38 AM.png

Your baby’s bum has a nasty red, rash.  It may be puffy and warm.  There may be a few red prickly spots in a small area or many tender red bumps all over her bum, thighs and belly.

Or someone in your family is suffering from:

Wet-suit rash

Bathing suit rash


Thigh rubbing when running, exercising or wearing your favorite pair of jeans

Chafing due to exercise or extra folds of skin in areas

Basically, any type of itchy, painful, burning rash on the outside of your body can be relieved by Desitin.

(Just be careful that the symptoms aren’t pointing to an illness that may require a doctor’s attention:

  • if the rash has oozing, or pus-filled blisters or open sores you’re probably looking at an infection and want to take your little baby to the doctor for an antibacterial cream.
  • if your baby has a fever, you’ll want to take them to their Pediatrician to determine the cause and get some medication.
  • if you suspect a yeast or urinary tract infection)


The stuff is magic, really.

Don’t rub it on!  Don’t smooth it on.  Just pat the area dry, gently.  And then gently pat a huge glob of Desitin to the affected area.  It’ll feel like an excessive amount and very gloopy.  That’s the feeling you’re going for.  Cake it on there.  Half an hour later you’ll feel relief.  Applied at night, gone the next morning.

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