Baby Powder – NOT for Babies!


Please throw away ALL of your baby powder, talcum powder, whatever they’re trying to name it now to confuse you as to which stuff is lethal.  It all is.  Get. It. Out. Of. Your. House.


Allergies, respiratory problems, cancer.  These are just some of the issues definitely associated with this stuff.  Proven to be caused by use.

Who knows what other problems may arise that they haven’t found out about yet?  Better yet, who would want to know?

Not me.  Take this product and launch it as far away from you, your family, your precious Baby as quickly as possible.

Need help with a sore bottom, a diaper rash or any other type of irritating ailment that baby powder used to “help” with?

Let me sing the praises of Desitin…don’t leave home without it…

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