Don’t Wear Your Belly Ring!

when you’re pregnant.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.11.49 AM.png


I know that you want to feel sexy, even as your body is morphing and your belly is distending and you feel like you just might have an alien invasion happening right below your chest.

But let me tell you…there is nothing, nothing, sexy about a stretched out belly ring hole.


And that is what will happen.  You will get a stretched out version of your current belly ring hole.  Because as your belly grows, your skin will get tight around the extra weight and it will pull against the ring you have in there now and find resistance and will settle for stretching the holes to get the room it needs.

Now there is such a thing as a pregnant belly ring, which is longer than your normal one and made out of a flexible rubber/plastic.  This is great to get your hands on if you don’t want your belly ring hole to close up on you during your pregnancy.  I tried a dozen tattoo and piercing shops when I was pregnant to see if they carried them, but they didn’t.  So, it was a bit painful at 10 months without a ring to try to loop it back through!

Here’s a website that has many varieties of pregnancy belly rings

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