Worms in Your Lettuce

Yup.  That’s right…worms in your lettuce.  And why wouldn’t they burrow in there?  If your lettuce is fresh picked, it’s probably got large deposits of soil in amongst its leaves and thus the likelihood of finding a slithering friend or 2 on a plate of your favorite Caesar salad.

And that is exactly what happened to me and my oh-so-lucky husband.  “Oh no, honey!  We don’t need to wash the lettuce.  Most of them are pre-washed, especially the pre-packaged ones and the ones that advertise the ‘hearts’ of the lettuce brand!”

And that evening, he practically dined on a ranch-coated inchworm that was fleeing for its life on his fork tines!


Maybe I shoulda read the package more closely.  As it does clearly state that you should Wash Before Eating.  And it’s not brain surgery or very time-consuming.


Place cut lettuce leaves in salad spinner basket.  Rinse under cold water.  Set into spinner.  Spin until water is gone/dry.  Pretty basic concept and one that you’d think I would have paid heed to…

Just one more thing I learned through trial and ERROR and would love to pass along to you…

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