Cast Iron Pan Clean-Up


This is how your beloved cast iron pan should look before it gets put away in the cupboard.  Clean, shiny and like new.


But how do I get all of this caked-on food off my pan without soaking it in soap and water or using a scrub brush?


The answer?  Kosher salt/coarse salt.  Throw a generous handful -ok don’t ‘throw’ it, maybe sprinkle it – into the bottom of the pan,


add a couple of tablespoons of water,


and start working those arm muscles and scrub, scrub, scrub with a paper towel!  You do not want to use your fingertips to do this.  Per usual, I am saving you the pain and humiliation by telling you about my experience firsthand…you can thank me later…  I f you did use your fingertips, it might feel a bit like rubbing them up against the coarsest sandpaper you can find, vigorously.  Yup, ouch.


And they look like this after your done, only picture blood mixed in.  Not a pretty sight.


Anyhow, back to scrubbing the life back into your beautiful pan…once it’s cleaned up, shake in a few drops of oil and smear around the entire inside of the pan.

IMG_0368Until it looks as lovely as this!  Now you can safely put it away without worrying about rust or critters moving in…

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