The Dinner


The Dinner by Herman Koch

Rating = 8 out of 10

Awesome!  Twisted, psychotic, evil, nail-biting, a real page-turner.

Started it on Tuesday night and finished it Friday morning.  Only reason I didn’t read it all in one sitting is because………well, I kinda have a kid and a husband and responsibilities and well, if I didn’t….

This book is reminiscent of Gone Girl in that it is fresh and unpredictable and thrilling and disturbing.  You will not be able to put it down.  You will be dying to and afraid to know what happens next…

Get. this. book. now. and. read. it.







The husband, Paul, creeped me out right away.  He was cynical and angry and bitter and had a lot of violent thoughts.  Then you find out that he’s verbalized and even demonstrated some of these violent tendencies in front on his son and almost condoned them.  Therefore you are not overly surprised that the son is a freak, too.  It’s genetic, after all.

No, the surprise factor and the creep factor escalate when you find out the degree of psychosis in the supposedly only normal one, the Mom.  Yikes!  She gets off on how deranged her husband is and encourages the behavior in both her husband and her son.



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