Mold on Your Shoes?

It sounds disgusting, right?  What kind of people allow their shoes to get moldy?  Where in the world do they store them so that this happens?

The fact of the matter is that sometime in your life, you will run into a pair of your own moldy shoes.  It happens to everyone.  Especially with leather shoes.

Why?  High humidity.  Dark space.  Hardly any ventilation.

How do you get rid of the mold on your shoes and make them wearable again?


Fill your tub with warm water and a little of your laundry detergent.  Submerge your moldy shoes in the water and scrub at them with a bristle brush if you have one or vigorously with a rag.  Add a bit of vinegar to your rag and massage that all over your shoes, inside and out.

Then pat your shoe dry and set it out into the sun for the day to

  • Dry it
  • Kill the mold!


How to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Make sure that you let your closet breathe.  Open doors to closet frequently and open windows in room it’s adjoined to.  Have a dehumidifier in the closet.  Don’t pack your closet wall to wall.  Keep stuff away from the walls.



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