Kids’ Events in Your Neck of the Woods

Check out this calendar of events for kids in Massachusetts…

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 8.32.34 AM

and that’s just for today!

And this one for New York…

and one for Georgia…

and the calendar for Minnesota…

and on and on and on.

You can easily find a calendar of events in your neck of the woods, you local town, or the city closest to you filled with ideas for a fun day with your family.

Some events may cost money but most are free to the public or highly discounted if you get passes through your local library.

Here’s how you find out about kids’ events where you live:

  1. Google ”  _______________ kids calendar”   (Insert the name of your town or city in the blank space)
  2.  Hit return!

That’s it!

And not only will you find town or city sites with calendars but you’ll also find blogs that may tell you about some well-kept secrets or what times to go to avoid long lines, or where to find free outings.

A young Mom I recently met clued me in to my local kids’ calendar and I just want to hug her every time I see her!

If this is the 1st you hear of it, you’ll want to hug me too!

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