Start Your Engines!


You like yourself, right?  And you really enjoy being warm and cozy?  And may I be so bold as to assert that you probably do not particularly care for popsicle toes and a frozen nose?

This may seem like a common sense notion, but you would be surprised how many people I speak to that do not do themselves this favor.


If the weather is 50 degrees and below, start your car at least 20 minutes before you are scheduled to leave and crank the heat!

I sometimes wonder if part of the reason that we New Englanders are stereotyped as Cranky Yankees is because we allow ourselves to get into freezing cold cars everyday!  That is no fun.

And there is nothing better than walking into the frozen outdoors, bracing yourself against a bustling wind, just to enter the warm embrace of your toasty car.

Take the time.  It’ll be worth it.  For you and for everyone you smile at that day!


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