Read to Baby?


I remember the first time I read to my little Beach Rose.  She was 1 month old.  She kept sliding into my lap and she couldn’t even hold her head up straight yet.

But, her eyes were glued to the pages.  I was blown away!  I told my husband and he gave me one of those dismissive “Oh yeah?  That’s great!” responses, when you know he was thinking that his wife was just losing it.

Well, after a couple of weeks of my trying to convince him that it really was miraculous and wonderful and that he should try it for himself, he finally decided to….


and was all sentimental when he came downstairs after putting her to bed.  I snuck up and took this picture of him reading the age-appropriate One Fish Two Fish classic to her while she stares intently at the book while holding his thumb the entire time.  Amazing!

Start a bedtime routine with your kids when they’re babies.  And incorporate books into that routine.  Regardless of their age, they will appreciate the consistency & schedule, the sound of your voice & its intonations and seeing the pictures!

Don’t fuss too much as to what to read to them…there are a lot of age appropriate book lists out there or check with your librarian for ideas.  But I remember my brother-in-law reading an article in Time magazine about the financial crisis in a soft voice as a bedtime story when my niece was an infant and she was captivated!

Check out this site for some great ideas for baby reads

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