Two Layers of Sheets?!

The single best strategy to simplifying your life as a parent is……..wait for it…………………

two layers of sheets in the crib or the bed.

There is absolutely nothing worse than when your child gets sick and throws up.  It never happens at a convenient time of day, nor does it happen in a neat way.  I’d be surprised to hear that there are a lot of kids out there who throw up, every time, in the toilet bowl!

And unfortunately for you, 2 am is not the most optimal time to be digging around in your linen closet trying to find that spare set of sheets, and then making the bed up, only to find yourself in the same situation an hour later when they vomit again!

Or you are potty-training your 3-4-5-6-etc year old at night.  And there are some Oops! evenings/mornings/middle-of-the-nights when they may wet the bed.

Aaaaaaaaaah.  The joys of parenthood.

Well, actually, you will find parenting that much more enjoyable now that I am about to impart upon you my great tip.  And once you’ve adopted this practice you’ll wonder how you ever got along before you did this!

Double up and/or triple up on the layer of sheets on your baby’s crib/child’s bed.

That’s it!

I was extremely lucky to be given a set of 4 waterproof pads as a gift at my Baby shower.  If you do not have any you can purchase them for around $15 and they are priceless.  Forget the trash bags under the sheets; they drive the child crazy, the urine runs right off it onto the mattress and they never seem to cover enough surface area or they just get shifted during your child’s sleep.

Put the waterproof pads on top of the mattress pad.  Cover with a sheet.  Layer with another set of waterproof pads.  Cover this with another sheet.  And repeat again if you have that many pads and sheet sets to go a third round!

The brilliance behind this suspiciously OCD  practice is that the next time you are awakened in the dead of night by a stomach bug that’s wreaked havoc on your child’s bed, floor and pjs, you can easily strip the bed of the 1st layer of sheets and waterproof pads and you still have 2 more to go through before actually having to exert much effort or thought…

although you’ll still have to wash the floor and give the poor baby a quick shower…haven’t come up with any short-cuts for these yet…


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