Public Library


As soon as you move to town, get pregnant, have a baby, go visit your local library!

I cannot say enough about how wonderful the public libraries are in New England, and I’m sure across the country.

There are welcome packages when you come in and get your first library card, usually with a library bag, and lots of paperwork about the town, maps, resource directories, town office locations and contact information, etc.

Then there’s the myriad of resources, books, magazines, cd’s, dvd’s, computers, classes, etc at your fingertips for FREE!

Oh, and the children’s section…how beautiful and precious and rich with learning for you and your young ones!

When you’re first pregnant, there are sections upon sections of books, magazines, etc about the subject and any that may relate.  Also, when you become new parents and are in awe and overwhelmed.

And then the children’s programs…oh, so lovely.  Don’t miss out on a moment of these.  At our library they have a program from birth to 2 yrs old where there’s a lot of rhyming and stories with sounds and songs and puppet shows, and babies love it and I’ll tell you, even 4 yr olds still love it!

After 2, kids graduate to the story hour and craft time, which is so sweet.  The stories and crafts usually relate to the seasons and holidays.

These are such wonderful ways to get to know the staff at the libraries, the moms in the area, the kids that your child will eventually be in school with and to get your child into reading and books from an early age.

Support your library and enrich yours and your kids’ lives!

Find your local one today…

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