The Little Paris Bookshop

As with all of my book reviews, I will warn you…SPOILER ALERT!

Not worth the read…

Let’s just quickly address the title of this book.  Why in the world it’s called The Little Paris Bookshop is beyond me!  The book should be called A Second Chance at Life, or something sappy like that.  Sure the protagonist owns a bookshop but he abandons it halfway through the book and the story is barely about it anyways.

The story is about a love lost.  And pining for it.  And pining for it.  And being dead to the world because of the loss.  For twenty years.  And finally, finally, finally dealing with it and moving on.

Sound long and drawn out?  Oh, it is.

This book is really one long pity party.

And it is also very far-fetched in terms of presenting from the male point of view.

I believe that it is a book about women and celebrating women & women’s lib.

  • this book is written by a female author
  • the protagonist, Jean, is a man who has been very emotionally handicapped for an extraordinary amount of time because of a woman
  • the woman who breaks his heart, Manon, is in a marriage where her husband not only knows about her infidelities, but approves of and encourages them
  • Jean’s father draws the parallel between women & horses: listen to what they want, takes 1 word to hurt one & winning back trust could take a lifetime, & when they love a man the man doesn’t deserve it
  • the inferior way that men love women vs the way women love men:  women love for character, strength, intelligence & men love stupidly for looks
  • eroticism & sexual freedom, described in book titles & the secret tango milongas
  • Cuneo, the Italian shipmate was also scouring the rivers for 20 years searching for a lost love
  • The author of a book about love that “saves” Jean’s soul was written by a female author
  • etc, etc

It was no surprise that a female author would write about the 22 year grieving period that a man endures for a married woman who is his lover for 150 days over a 5 year period, whom he thinks leaves him.  Not highly likely!

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