Pasta Water as Salty as The Sea


Quick tip for all of us home chefs out there…

The water in your pot, with which you will be boiling your pasta, should taste as salty as the sea.

No joke!

Purchase salt in bulk, folks.  Because you will be using copious amounts if you like to cook pasta as much as I and the rest of the world does.

Once you obtain the level of water in your pot that you will need to cook your pasta, open the pout to your salt container and have at it.

Pour for a bit, then stop, stir and taste it.

Taste like salt water?

Not sure?

Then not enough salt.  Keep pouring!

You’ll know when it tastes like the ocean.  And then you’re ready to boil  your pasta in it.

Why so much salt?

Because this will flavor the pasta from the inside out as the pasta absorbs the water, creating tastier pasta.

Because the truth of the matter is, no matter how yummy your homemade spaghetti is, the pasta is the foundation of your dish and if your pasta is bland, then your meal will be lacking!


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