Walk Safe

Back when I was in college, oh so long ago, they had a program called Safe Walk.

The idea was that anyone who felt nervous about walking alone after dark, whether from class or dinner or a party, could call from any number of university “phones” sprinkled throughout the campus and be guaranteed a safe escort home.

It was sponsored by the university, who had appointed their Campus Security division to manage it.

Do you have any idea how many times, since college, that I’ve found myself in a situation where I wished, very badly, that there was a university phone nearby?

It’s scary to walk to your car in the dark across a deserted parking lot.  Or to try to find it in a parking garage at any time of day.

I propose you use “Safe Walk” whenever the situation calls for it.  Ask someone in the grocery store to walk out with you to your car when it’s dark out and the parking lot is vacant.  Don’t walk alone on the street, even in broad daylight, if you can avoid it.  Find a policeman, fireman, other ladies, to escort you to your destination

Don’t be shy or embarrassed or worry about putting someone out by asking them to be your bodyguard (You don’t have to tell them that’s how you view it; though it may lighten things up a bit if you did!).  They will be honored to give you a hand and most likely have mothers, sisters, wives, daughters who they’d like to think would be protected in the same way.

Or, they themselves have been in a situation like yours, and completely understand.

And it’s ok to be a little paranoid.  A lot of not-so-nice things happen to solitary female figures…

so don’t be solitary…

Be safe!


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