Have an outlet

Run, swim, do yoga, walk, take classes, join a sewing circle, a book club, a weekly outdoors group, golf….

Find an escape that’s healthy for your mind or your body.

Do something that hits the reset button for you.

It’s so necessary.  Especially if you have kids.  Get – out – of – the – house! Make it an activity that’s just for you.

Try not to become fanatical about it.  The last thing you want is to be so obsessed with your hobby that you become highly agitated if you cannot fit it into your schedule.

But find something you enjoy, you look forward to, you feel great after doing and can’t wait till the next opportunity to do it again.

Preferably, you’ll have a couple, or a few hobbies that you enjoy that are outlets for your frustrations, stress or case of “Groundhog Day”.  Weave in one or two of them in a week if possible, and try to partake in at least 2 of them per month.

It’s important to keep your interests alive, for you to have a life outside the home, outside the hubby and the kids.  Remember that you are a unique, interesting individual.  That you had pastimes that you enjoyed, long before anyone else came along and laid claim to all of your time and energy!

Reacquaint yourself with those passions.  Find new ones.  Meet people with the same interests and make new friends!  Reconnect with old ones and arrange get-togethers.  Make a weekly lunch date or at least a monthly one.

Or make a lunch or dinner date with yourself.  Bring a book.  Enjoy the quiet.  Grab some alone time so you can appreciate the fullness of your life and schedule.

Grab some you time so that you can appreciate the life you share with your family and loved ones…


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