50 Shades of F-U-N!


so…this book…

there were 2 camps when it came to going to purchase the book 50 shades of Grey.  The camp who was walking into the bookstore with a mischievous glint in their eye, rubbing their hands together, and saying “let me get my hands on a copy of that book!”  The other camp was the one who was slinking into the bookstore, and sheepishly walking up to the counter saying that their friend told them they had to read this book, but it wasn’t really their “thing”…

And now…

there are 2 camps when it comes to having read the racy novel (s).  The one who scoffs at the horrible writing and gives an official decree that all who enjoy the book must be sex-crazed or literarily defunct.  And the one who enjoys it for what it is, a fun trashy novel.

My preference in authors and literature tends toward the classics and the highly esteemed contemporaries.  So, no, this book does not fit into either of these categories.

But, let me tell you what…despite the cringing at the elementary writing style, that book was fun, fun, fun!  And I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who has ever enjoyed sinking their teeth into a sappy romance or a page-turner of a beach read.

I just saw the movie last night and it prompted me to write about 50 Shades.  I thought about some of the books I review here and even though a lot of them are fantastic, they will most likely be obsolete by the time my Beach Rose is old enough to read my opinions on them.

I’d wager a hefty bet, though,  that the scandalous Mr. Christian Grey will be a ‘must read’ for a long time to come!

And the ‘controversy’ surrounding the books, whether or not it should be deemed literature, whether or not this story portrays abusing women in a positive light, whether or not this book is worth reading just makes it that much more likely to become a legend.

I liked the book.  I liked it because I took it at face value.  I didn’t spend too much time thinking about the author’s talent, or how this might portray women.  I just had fun reading it.  I saw it as a romance novel, one with some saucy scenes, saucier than some novels I’ve read and not as saucy as others.

And I liked the movie.  It was just like the book.  You had to look past the sub-standard acting and just appreciate the escapism into a fantasy world of love and steamy love-making and sexiness.

And I’m happy to admit, I had nooooooo problem doing that!

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