Stick a spoon in it…

That’s right…put your spoon right in it.  Stir it around and then taste it!

Does it need anything?  More seasoning?  More acid?  More salt and pepper?

I am one of those people who wishes that all restaurants would put salt and pepper on the table.

I know, I know.  The chef at the restaurants without the salt and pepper on the table wants to press the point that his food is perfectly seasoned.  And I do not dispute this fact.  Most likely his palate is a lot more refined than mine is. However, how he likes his food seasoned and how I like mine seasoned may be polar opposites.


That being said, with or without salt and pepper on the table, the chef determines the seasoning of the dish.  That means you!

Taste as you go along in your cooking.  Stick a spoon in it and taste it.  And then, when you’re halfway done, stick a different spoon in it and taste again, and again when you’re 3/4 of the way done, and again at the end.  Always using a different spoon, of course!

Remember…you are the chef.  You determine if it needs more seasoning.

How?  Well, you need to taste it.

If you don’t particularly care for eggplant and you decide to make an eggplant dish to contribute to your brother’s birthday party, you’re going to have to dig in there to make sure it tastes good and is well seasoned.  If you don’t think you can stomach it, maybe you can delegate and have your sister-in-law make the dish and offer to make one that won’t cause you to gag!

Although it is possible to cook a dish that you never taste and have it turn out spectacularly, you will probably need to have someone do a taste test, or a couple.

And perhaps it’s best to avoid cooking something you’d never eat.  You cook with your heart and soul and if it ain’t in there, we can tell!

Don’t be afraid to taste it. And don’t be afraid of salt and pepper…in your food or on your table…

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