Knife Wounds…


If you had to choose, would you rather have a good clean whack from a sharp knife take your fingertip off or to have it sawn through like a piece of wood?

Nice, huh?

But, no-brainer right?  The quicker version, please.

Of course, we’d rather have neither…

but, it’s much safer and cleaner and less painful to cut yourself with a very sharp knife, than a dull one.

How could that be?  You’d think that a sharp knife would be able to give a deeper, more painful wound while the dull one would have a hard time even penetrating the skin.

Well, a sharp knife works like a razor’s edge.  A sharp razor’s edge, that is.  It cuts straight through the tissue.

Whereas a dull knife tears a hole in the flesh, essentially ripping it out, increasing the gaps between parts of flesh.

Ok..enough gross pictures for our minds.  What is wrong with me today?!

Oh yeah, I knicked myself with a sharp knife the other day and have been thinking about it all waaaaaay too much!

But, since we’re talkin’…let’s compare the safety of the sharp knife vs the dull knife in the kitchen.

SHARP:   The sharper your knife the less cuts you’ll be making.  Also, a sharp knife will cut more cleanly and precisely with much less chance of slipping.


DULL:  It’s more likely that because the knife is not as sharp as it should be and isn’t cutting those vegetables properly, you will apply more pressure to get the job done.  Alas, more pressure equals potential loss of control of the knife.  Thus, increasing the likelihood that you impale yourself.

Fewer cuts,  fewer chances of cutting yourself, more cuts more chances…

Be careful cutting!  And have those knives sharpened!

Do it yourself

or send it out to be done by the pros


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