Steer clear of razor burn!

Those unsightly bumps in your bikini area…the itching under your arms…  the burning on your legs…

Yup.  You’ve got razor burn.  Ouch!  And it lasts a couple of days.  No fair.  Not fun at all.


How did you get it? Well, its causes are numerous.  Here’s a little more info on how it may have happened…

I will focus on the how NOT to get it!

#1. Change out your razor blades every 2-3 weeks.  Dull razors are the biggest culprits of razor burn.  Most likely, if you feel that discomfort and see the red bumps after shaving, your razor’s old. Plus, funky things tend to start to grow on it after a time, which will definitely irritate your skin, plus make you cringe.  So, toss that bacteria-laden, dull blade already!

#2. Wash out your razor after you shave.  Speaking of bacteria-laden…that pile-up of hair and dead skin in your razor will make it dull and will cause a science experiment to erupt on your Venus blade.  Just run it under the water after you shave with it, or if you’re a bit more ambitious, soak it in a bath of rubbing alcohol for a few…

#3. Shave with the grain, the direction your hair grows.  Shaving it against the grain will cause the skin to inflame and…owwww!

#4. Don’t push down hard as you shave.  This can cause irritation so be gentle when you shave.  What are you thinking using a lot of pressure with a blade against your skin anyhow?!

 #5. Shave in the shower. If you attempt to shave dry skin, you are just begging for razor burning.  I  mean, begging.  Please, oh please, come and light my skin on fire for days?  You need enough time to dampen and heat up your hair to soften it and make it easier to remove.

#6. Apply a moisturizer on your skin after you shave.  Maintaining moisture on your skin is important regardless of whether you’ve just shaved or not.  Now there’s an added incentive to liberally applying cream to your whole body after you shower…avoiding that nasty razor burn!

Bet you didn’t think there was so much to think about before, during and after you shaved, did ya?

Well, now you can save yourself the aloe application…


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