Everyone’s got a book in them…


When was the last time you picked up a pen and a notebook and just started writing?

No, no, no….not a grocery list, a to-do-list or a honey-do list…

About what?

About anything…your thoughts at the moment, a story you just heard, a lesson you learned, the words of a song and why they mean something to you, a letter you’ll never send, your opinion on a movie, the nation’s state of affairs, painted brick v. natural brick, the comb over v. shaving the remainder of one’s hair v. the toupee, etc…

Write.  A diary.  A journal.  Random thoughts, feelings, events, quotes, people’s stories, your stories, anything.

Use writing to record major events in your life, or minor ones.  Sort through your thoughts and feelings through your pen.  Strike out in anger or grief on paper instead of in person. When your cup overfloweth, capture that love and burst of emotion as best you can through words.

There’s a saying, “Everyone has a book in them…”

Doesn’t mean you’d want to read everyone’s book, if everyone in the world wrote a book, because not all stories are worth telling and not all stories are well told! (Can you just imagine some of the awesome untold stories out there, though?  And some of the ones that would be better off left untold!?)

Now, I’m not even suggesting that you write a book.  You can.  You could.  If you wanted to.  That will always completely be up to you.

But, even if your writing never becomes a book that others will enjoy, you will always enjoy going back to it.

I’ve kept a few diaries and journals in my life…

I had a Hello Kitty diary that I kept when I was in the 4th grade.  It is filled with smiley faces and chunky writing and hearts dotting my i’s.  It’s hilarious to read about what was on my mind then; Meegan being mean to  me, Suzy’s nice dress, tickling Zach at recess, and Mom making me pick up my room, so unfair!

Since I forget so much of the day to day living as a 9-10 year old, it may help me relate better (or maybe that’s a pipe dream!) to my little Beach Rose when she comes of age.

Even if that never ends up being the purpose of that little diary or any of the others, they will always serve as a window to my past and I think that this, my story, is worth me re-visiting.

“Everyone has a book in them, what’s your story?” – Dorothy Dubel

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