French-Fried Potato Cubes


Ohhhhhhh so good and ohhhhh so easy and noooooo greasy splatters and oily mess!

In a lot of homes throughout France, you’ll find this version of the french fry.  It’s homemade, it’s simple to make, you don’t need to fry anything so no messy clean-up and since it’s not ‘fried’ it’s healthier.  By a little bit.  Tiny bit. Ok, a smidge.


Start with about 6 medium white potatoes…


peel and chop them into uniform (as close as humanly possible without getting stressed out about it!) 1/2 inch cubes.


Place in large cookie sheet and drizzle, generously, with olive oil.


Move them all around in the oil to coat those lovely little cubes…


salt them…then, salt them again…


And believe you me, you will be salting them again before you serve them…so much more tasty that way and tastes exactly like a french fry!


Place them in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes, checking them every 10 minutes (or whenever you think of it!) and tossing them with a spatula to prevent sticking and to get even color on all sides.


Yum!  You’ll be making them every night….they are a crowd pleaser and you’ll be pleased that your kitchen isn’t destroyed and that your house doesn’t smell like cooked oil for a week!

Serves 4.

Bon Appétit, Ma Chérie!



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