Hello? Are you with me?

Right before my wedding I got a brilliant piece of advice that you probably got, too…

“Throughout the day, stop, look around, absorb, feel, take it all in.  Be present.  Your wedding day will go by in a flash and if you force yourself to be in the moment, many times, you’ll enjoy yourself and cherish the memory.”

I took it.  As much as I could, because the day was a whirlwind.  And I can look back and feel and remember snapshots and I’m so happy I was present in my head.

Let your mantra be “TODAY”.  Say it to yourself multiple times a day, and do this daily.

I heard something the other day that really resonated with me. “Depression is focusing on the past and anxiety is focusing on the future.”

This isn’t saying that you can’t happily relive memories from your past and/or plan for your future (bills, retirement, projects,etc) without being mentally unbalanced!  I believe that it simply emphasizes the importance of living in the moment.

Be where you are.  Be in one, and only one place at a time.  And absorb it with all of your senses.

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