More for your money


Marshall’s, TJ Maxx & HomeGoods ROCK!

Don’t be fooled by “sales” at the mall….

or the “discount pricing” of the outlet stores…

You can find most of the coveted name brands at these 3 for a fraction of the cost; as in, up to 60% less than elsewhere.  And the diversity of choice is fantastic!

So… you need some workout gear;  running shorts, t-shirt, fleece, ankle socks & sneakers.  At the mall or outlet stores you’d have to go to at least 2 different stores to find what you’re looking for and to find it at a decent price.  At Marshall’s & TJ Maxx, they have multiple brand names represented in all types of clothing; active, casual, business, dressy, etc…

And it’s so fun because you can go in there more than once in a week and you’ll see new stuff on the racks!  (They get shipments as often as every day!  Since they put the new inventory out at night or in the morning, get there early to get 1st pick.)

But it’s not just clothing that they offer, which is sooooo exciting.  They have a million accessories; from jewelry to purses, to stationary & photo albums, to iphone cases & perfumes.

And HomeGoods is just dangerous…they have Le Creuset!!!  At more than 50% off the regular price!  And tablecloths, cooking utensils, pillows, artwork, rugs, sheets, dishes, and soooo much more.  (I’m gushing about them so much they should hire me to do marketing!)

You can outfit yourself and your family and your home, with designer items without breaking the bank.  And this terrific trio of stores originates in my backyard…Baaahston.  What more could you ask for?!

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