make boo-boos fun


Ever have a little kid get hurt on your watch?  Yours or someone else’s, doesn’t matter…you’re just scrambling to make them stop crying…

Have fun band-aids at the ready!

This is literally the most fool-proof way to get a child to stop screaming and maybe turn you into the hero, instead of the zero that was supposed to be babysitting your nephew, but really had a lot of catching up to do with Downton Abbey…

“Well James, it looks like you might need a band-aid.  Would you like to help auntie choose which one to put on?  Do you want the pirate band-aid, the mustache one, or Thomas the Train?”

Let me tell you that regardless of the “gravity” of the injury, that little kid will be intrigued and the crying will slow to a whimper with the deep intakes of breath at regular intervals, then to the loud sniffling, and finally they’ll ask, “Can I see?”

Disclosure:  Said Band-aids will not help above mentioned irresponsible auntie in the case of burns, broken limbs, or large gashes in need of stitches.  Doesn’t matter how expansive or exciting the inventory…

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