Au Naturel

being in natural style or condition; nude – Merriam Webster definition

It’s hard.

To go au naturel.  With this hair.

I don’t want the frizz and 80s looking scrunched curls that my hair has to offer.  I like the way it looks when I spend an hour blow-drying it, straight-ironing it, curling it and hairspraying it into a sleek style.

And then it starts raining.

Or it’s humid out.

And then I’m a slave to the umbrella or air-conditioning, just to avoid what my hair naturally does.

Why can’t I just embrace it?

Life would be so much simpler.  I would get out of the house so much quicker. I wouldn’t have so many split ends…

Take it from me.  Don’t ever start.  Don’t battle to make your hair do what it wasn’t meant to do.

Go au naturel.  From the get-go.

I mean get. up. and. go.

And if on extremely special occasions, your prom, your wedding, etc, you want to “sport a do”?  Great.  Then go back to being beautiful you.

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