Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I really enjoyed this novel.  It was meaty and long, without being boring or unoriginal.

There are parallel themes throughout the book; that of a great love and that of racism.  It’s about a young woman in love who leaves her love, family and country to study at University in America.  It chronicles the hardships of surviving in a foreign land despite being highly educated and young and capable.  The story lays bare the racism towards blacks and the differences between black Africans and black African-Americans.  The difference in skin tone, attitude towards race, and being a minority in America.  And it gives an honest portrayal of a love tested by the span of 2 continents and almost 2 decades.

Extremely well written.  Will make you ashamed to admit that you too are racist in ways that you were trying so very hard not to be.  A fantastic cultural study through the eyes of an immigrant in America.

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