Appliance Review – Blender


Time for a new blender.

So many choices, so little time to properly research all the different brand names.

You can definitely google “blender reviews” and get a bunch of info on many brands, performance, price, material, quality, etc.  And you will see that what I am about to tell you rings true…

Here’s my 2 cents:

I had a $100 KitchenAid blender.  And it worked ok.  It didn’t “fully” blend. It didn’t pulverize.  And it certainly couldn’t handle ice well.  You’d end up with tiny pebbles of ice in your smoothie, which made it look like it had broken and made you feel a bit queasy when you drank it.

So when it stopped working all together, I decided to do lots of research to see which blender would work best.  I was looking at the Vitamix, the Ninja, the KitchenAids, etc.  Prices ranged from $100-$400.  And the promises were laid on thick.  I’m pretty sure that buying a Vitamix at $400 ensures that it’ll mow your lawn for you 2x a month.

I then noticed the reviews for a $34 blender.  And they were great reviews.  For an Oster blender.

I had pretty much sold myself on buying a more expensive version of the KitchenAid.  It had all the bells and whistles and promised to “pulverize ice”.

And then I got to thinking.  What if I got the Oster.  And I paid $34 for it and it worked.  And it worked for a few years and then I had to replace it with another $34 model that worked for a few years, etc, etc.  Pretty economical.  Not a bad idea…

and here I am.  Proud owner of an Oster blender.  2 years now.  Works like it did the first day.  Glass canister (can get it in plastic, but I wanted glass), pulverizes ice to smithereens, blends perfectly on medium speed (have never even used high speed) and the blades are just as sharp today as they were when I cut myself on them the 1st time I cleaned it!



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