Don’t Be The Entertainer


Jester:  A man who in the past was kept by a ruler to amuse people.  A person who habitually plays the fool.

It is easy to get guilted into being your child’s entertainer.

Geez, maybe I don’t spend enough quality time with them.  Maybe I should play 14 games of CandyLand.  Maybe I shouldn’t worry about my laundry and instead read to my little one.  She needs educational stimulation.  She doesn’t seem strong at math…probably need to do some flashcards with her.  That puzzle does seem hard; I’ll just help her.  Well, she didn’t sleep well last night, so I’ll just put dinner aside and pay attention to her since she’s whiny.  I’m the Mom, so I should be the one who teaches her…everything…better get on that…

No.  No. And no.

That’s not all your job.  Your focus is on running and maintaining the household.  And that does include loving, nurturing, disciplining and teaching your children.  Along with MANY other responsibilities.

Do not feel guilty for letting your child or children entertain themselves.  It’s ok if they are “bored” or don’t know what to do or needy.  That, believe it or not, is not your problem.  Part of their development, creatively and emotionally, relies on their being able to determine what to do with themselves.  How to occupy themselves.  How to play alone.  How to be alone.

And you have to have time to yourself.  Whether it truly is time to yourself to enjoy something you love to do, or whether it is to tie up loose ends within the demands of the household, its is integral that you allow yourself this.  Or you will end up going crazy.

You will drive yourself nuts because you will create an environment where your child/ren depend on you to entertain them and therefore will not be able to do it themselves and you will be behind in all you need to accomplish.   And thus your life will take on the characteristics of the jester.  In which you will be “ruled” by your children who wish you to constantly amuse them and you will be the fool who will not have your own life!

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