No Such Thing As FREE Babysitting


When you have kids, one of the things that will shock you the most is that your parents and your husband’s parents aren’t as thrilled about babysitting as you thought they’d be. (Some are!  Very few.  Most have been there and done that and would rather you have babysitters lined up and them as a laaaaaast resort!)

Nobody is excited about the prospect of their lost time while trying to entertain, referee, and calm down a pack of kids, or 2, or even 1.

So, if someone, ANYONE, offers to babysit your kids for FREE?  “Anytime, we’d be happy to.  We love kids. I love kids. Go out.  You deserve it.  I’ll pick them up.  I’ll watch them while you go to do your groceries.  You need a break. ”  Something’s wrong. Be careful.  Let your gut direct you.

This is a red flag in the world of creepy people saying and doing shady things.

“Go with your instincts if anything bothers you about someone who spends time with your child,” Sax says. That includes the neighbor or person from church who is overly eager to help you out by babysitting or just taking your kid off your hands. Having a bad vibe is not necessarily enough to make a crime report, but it’s plenty to justify your not allowing that person access to your kid. “

The ones that moan and groan about watching your beloved angels for the night are the real thing.  Those that push for you to let them watch and are more than happy to do it…beware.

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