Brand Name Foods



I’m all for saving money when I grocery shopping.

In fact, I actually shop at 2 different grocery stores most weeks!  One to buy dry goods and name brand dairy products, because they are less expensive than my favorite store where I buy all their beautiful produce and meats.

And sometimes I buy grocery store brand items to cut down on the bill.  But, only sometimes.  And only with certain items.  Because I believe there is a difference in quality and taste, and I can tell.

And now, so can my Beach Rose.  The other day I offered cinnamon graham crackers to my savvy little 5 year old (She just turned, can you believe it?  I just wanna cry when I think of how quickly she’s growing…) as her snack.  She was so excited.  I opened the new package and let her grab her own.  She asked if I could please leave the package next to her at the table so that she could have another one if she was still hungry after the first. No problem.

2 bites in and she says, “This doesn’t taste good, Mama.  It doesn’t taste the same.  the cracker isn’t good and you can’t even taste the cinnamon.”

I believe that you can get away with grocery store brand vegetable oil, bandaids, freezer bags, milk, etc.  But be careful buying grocery-store brands of the classics and favorites: crackers, cheese, chips, etc.  There is a different in taste and in quality.

Even in items you wouldn’t think you’d need to worry about, you want to really think about.  I bought a 5 lb bag of sugar, and it wasn’t Dominos, and the sugar was in the clumps from the top of the bag all the way to the bottom.  Very frustrating when you’re trying to bake and you have to push your sugar through a fine sieve before measuring it!

And baking soda and powder?  Don’t do it!  They are crucial to baking and the quality may be compromised and you definitely only want the best quality products to bake with!

Food for thought…


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