Books by the Door


There is nothing more exciting to my little Beach Rose than to go exploring in the woods, on the beach, on a walk to the corner.  “Exploring for treasures” is what she likes to call it.  And though she is the treasure for me, it is quite lovely to see the world through her eyes and get as excited about nature as she is.

Discovering “treasures” can be even more fun when you know what they are called!  So often my Baby would find a shell at the beach and ask me what it was called and I didn’t know.  So, I said to myself, well it’s easy nowadays to get an answer for just about anything, so how do I make this info readily available at my fingertips for our nature adventures?

A mini-library by the front door.  Books and pamphlets on birds, bugs, flowers, trees, seashells, animal tracks, etc…

She is so proud of herself when I tell her to run and get the seashell book and find the shell in her hand and she does!  And it is great to embrace how little I know.  The wiser you get the more you realize what a fool you are…isn’t that the saying???

Well, with these resources literally at our fingertips it really makes it fun and easy to learn something new every day!

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