Use a Dark Washcloth


All my towels are white.  To me, nothing says clean like a freshly laundered white towel.

And you can tell when it’s time to toss it, because white hides nothing!  So, any stains or tears or lots of pulls in the towel can be noticed right away and it’s time to retire the offender.

Just like nothing is as enticing as a clean white towel, there’s nothing more appalling than a graying or yellowing “white” towel.

How do you keep your white linens from getting stained if you’re using them to wash your face or hands free of makeup or dirt from your garden?  Well, as you may have guessed, it’s near impossible.  You will end up with a gray version of your lovely white washcloths or hand towels.

Which is why two of the greatest things ever invented are the dark washcloth and the dark hand towel…

I wash my face every night before I go to bed.  Every night.  And when I used to wash it on my beautiful white face cloths, I’d cringe at all the smudges of black from my mascara, brown from my eyeliner, and the rainbow of colors from my eyeshadows .  I admit that I’ve thrown away my fair share of white washcloths after only a few uses.  Because they were embarrassing to have around.  Dirty looking.  And the hand towels that my manly hubby’s hands used…well, needless to say, we had a lot of “greige” in our linen closet.

Until I went to a bed and breakfast on vacation where they had laid out some navy blue washcloths and hand towels with specific instructions as to using these towels only, when washing your face and hands.  And using their beautiful, soft fluffy white towels for your body when getting out of the shower.  Made so much sense!

And thus, my purchase of navy blue washcloths and hand towels for our home.  My whites stay white and my face and hubby’s big, beautiful hands get washed!



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