The Lost Recipe for Happiness

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 7.39.48 AM.png

I haven’t tried the recipes in here yet, but I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not this book provided the one that’s key to happiness!

You know, this book was enjoyable!  For what it was.

It was a romance novel dressed up in a contemporary fiction book jacket to fool the potential reader into buying it.  Not that the romance genre is a bad one…I have read my fair share over the course of my life and throw one in here and again when I am just looking for something light and spicy.  It’s just that sometimes you’re in the market for a romance and sometimes you’re looking for a book with a little more substance.

And why I crave romances at the beach in summer and books of depth, classics, and nonfiction in the cold weather is an enigma.  But it is in my bones nonetheless!

A book about a female chef who finally gets to run her own kitchen, the ghosts of an accident from her past and the man who’s love will help to heal her.  Great ingredients for a successful recipe of a book; strong women, food, ghosts, strong men bent to get the woman!

Timing of this particular read may not have been idyllic,  but I will absolutely be on the lookout for Barbara O’Neal’s other works of fiction to devour on those hot summer days when my toes are buried in the sand!


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