Think About Grocery Shopping All Week…


Keep a grocery list running all week.  Keep it in a spot in the kitchen that you can easily access, you and your loved ones so that they can add what they need/want.

This is so easy to do and brilliant.

So many times I have run out of nutmeg during the middle of the week, forgotten about it by Saturday when I do groceries because it’s not a “staple” and been frustrated when I go to reach for some to make my banana bread and realize it’s not there!

With a running grocery list, I can add to it the moment I run out of an item.  So ideally, no more forgetting!  (Notice I said “ideally”.  That’s because I still forget to add things to the list once in a while.  Or inevitably, I won’t be the last to use an item and whoever does may forget!)


I also find that by starting my list at the beginning of the week, I have the time to put each item on the list in order that they appear in the store.

So, when I first walk into my grocery store, I walk into the produce section.  Therefore, I start with produce at the top of my list.  Then add meats, dry goods, breads, and dairy.

It keeps me organized and efficient at home and organized and saves me time at the store!

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