4 Words to Your 17 Year Old Self

Here are some I’ve gathered…

  • It does get better.
  • Don’t date anyone stupid.
  • Buy Apple and Google.
  • Don’t join the Army.
  • College GPA does matter.
  • He’s not worth it.
  • Go to class, dummy.
  • Stay in the military.
  • B’s, C’s Get Degrees.
  • It’s not your fault.
  • Life won’t be easy.
  • Travel the world now (or after senior year).
  • Study become investment banker
  • Don’t use a credit card.
  • Your 2os are priceless.
  • Construction won’t be fun.
  • Don’t do nothing stupid.
  • Shut. Up. And. Listen.
  • Today, eager beats pretty.
  • You have to STUDY.
  • Choose your friends wisely.
  • Listen to your parents.
  • You don’t know everything.
  • Invest more money now.
  • Do not do it. (applies to pretty much everything!)
  • Marry money. Learn love.
  • Focus on school, stupid!
  • You will be beautiful.
  • Put in the effort.
  • Think before you act.
  • You can do anything!
  • You are good enough.
  • Don’t worry about boys.
  • Don’t worry about looks.
  • Always listen to Mom.
  • Be cautious of everyone.
  • Stay away from drugs.
  • Stay away from negativity.
  • Never talk to strangers.
  • Wear the string bikini.
  • Keep your legs closed.
  • Stop straightening your hair.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • You are so beautiful.

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