Lavender In Your Life


Add a lot of happy to your life.  Add lavender to it!

Have a pot of it in your windowsill.  Line a stone wall with a bunch of plants.  Grow a field of them.

The smell of lavender is so calming and fresh.  Even if you can’t grow a field of them or walk through one, having a little satchel of dried flowers or fresh leaves to rub between your fingers will transport you.  You will be trailing your hand among the flowers in fields of lavender in France.  You’ll dream of fresh, clean linens blowing on the clothesline.  You’ll feel refreshed.

I have little satchels of dried lavender flowers in almost all of my clothes drawers.  They last forever (just squeeze between your fingers every now & then to release oils/fragrance) making your clothes smell lovely (Very subtle.  Can definitely be used in drawers with boys or men’s clothing too.  It just smells like clean laundry, tell them!).  And they also ward off bugs that like to snuggle in your clothing, extremely efficient at moth prevention.

And they are also a salve for the soul…

My little Beach Rose always grabs a handful of the lavender leaves when she is out in the garden and deposits little piles of them by each of our bedside tables.  So at night as we’re getting ready for bed, my husband or I will see the pile first and rub it between our fingers and make the other smell it.  And that is how we drift off to sleep.  Pretty poetic – barf!  For real though, nothing makes the load on your shoulders lighter than a whiff of that magic!

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